Upstate / Greenville, SC

Current List of Unlicensed Advertisers

(Updated Monthly)

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Type of Service

Tim Garrett (Greenville Electrical Services) 874-346-8484 ELEC
(GotchaPlumber, GotchaHVAC)  864-325-9939 PLUM, HVAC
Oscar or Roberto – (Colecio) 864-347-5543 ELEC, PLUM


(864) 719-9090 HVAC


864-906-2233 PLUM
Chris – (After Hours Electrician) (864) 207-3434 ELEC
Jason  864-838-3333 HVAC

Mr Robinson – Heating ∧ Cooling – Repair – Service – Install 

864-209-6253 HVAC
Plumber 864-719-9090 PLUM
Tim Porter (180 Services) Cease and Desist Order SC LLR  864-650-4224  HVAC




  • “Residential builder” means one who constructs, superintends, or offers to construct or superintend the construction, repair, improvement, or reimprovement of a residential building or structure…when the cost of the undertaking exceeds $5,000.
  • “Residential specialty contractor” means an independent contractor who is not a licensed residential builder, who contracts with a licensed residential builder, general contractor, or individual property owner to do construction work, repairs, improvement, or reimprovement which requires special skills and involves the use of specialized construction trades or craft, when the undertakings exceed $200. Residential specialty contracting includes the following areas of contracting and other areas as the commission may recognize by regulation:

(a) plumbers;
(b) electricians;
(c) heating and air conditioning installers and repairers;
(d) vinyl and aluminum siding installers;
(e) insulation installers;
(f) roofers;
(g) floor covering installers;
(h) masons (includes poured concrete work)
(i) dry wall installers;
(j) carpenters;
(k) stucco installers;
(l) painters/wall paperers.”

  •  “Commercial mechanical construction” means the installation, replacement, or repair of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, process piping, refrigeration, lightning protection equipment, or electrical components, fixtures, or devices of any kind, excluding burglar alarm work.
  •  “Commercial general contractor” means a person or business which performs or supervises general construction.


  • A Residential Builder’s license alone is an inadequate qualification for performing Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing (MEP) work. Any contractor performing any MEP work which requires a license (> $200 in value) is required to have a current license appropriate for the trade issued by exam from the State of South Carolina. Residential Builders without additional licenses appropriate for the trade are prohibited from performing MEP work valued at greater than $200.00

Residential Work Requiring a SC License or Registration *

For general residential work exceeding $200 but less than $5000, one of the following State of South Carolina certifications or licenses is required:

  • SC Registered Residential Specialty Contractor

  • SC Residential Builder License  or   SC General Contractor License

  • Local Cities Business Licenses

Note: General Contractors may use unlicensed sub-contractors in residential construction with the exception of Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC contractors, Specialty Glazing, and Specialty Roofing.

For general residential construction over $5000, one of the following State of South Carolina certifications or licenses is required:

  • SC Residential Builders License  or  SC General Contractors License

  • or a Residential Specialty Registration that includes a bond with the Residential Builders Commission as the bond holder.