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Are you concerned about hiring through an online ad. Did something about the ad seemed a little curious and just didn’t set right? Why not check our list of unlicensed advertisers. We will provide the information we have gathered, including actual advertisements, phone numbers, names and any pertinent information available through licensing agencies. Sometimes it will include links to actual Orders from State Licensing Agencies. Occasionally, Court Orders and Convictions. 

Did The Ad Sound “Too Good To Be True”

Unlicensed advertisers know exactly what to say to get your interest. More importantly, they know what not to say to lure you into hiring them for specialty services. Some have done this for many years and are very skilled at evading your questions and dodging the laws. By checking our database of known unlicensed advertisers, you can minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person. It’s excellent service that’s free to access. You simply need to be a Registered user.

Help Others By Reporting A Scam

You can also provide information regarding fake companies you have discovered. Details about your experience can be posted to help others to know. You can list the ad sources, phone numbers, names and any pertinent information. If you have suffered a loss, we will direct you to the appropriate sources to help with legal claims. Recovering money is very difficult when dealing with an Unlicensed Person posing as a legitimate Business.

Unlicensed businesses have not provided the City or State any financial statements and there is no bond protection. So if you happen to lose your money, well… you lose your money!

Did You Know?

You Should Insist on a Permit.

In most States, a permit is required anytime a new building is constructed, structural changes made within a building or additions to existing structures.

Also, permits are required for Electrical upgrades, meter changes, etc.

Plumbing permits are required for new plumbing fixtures or for relocating plumbing fixtures.

Mechanical permits are required for new equipment, change-outs, running a gas line, etc.

Only a Licensed Contractor can procure a permit.

Unlicensed Contractors Can’t Make You Pay…

Did you know that in some states, you do not have to pay an unlicensed contractor? That’s right! Business and Professional Codes allow a homeowner who hires an unlicensed contractor to withhold payment. This law holds true even with a signed contract between the homeowner and contractor, as well as when the homeowner has advanced knowledge that the contractor was unlicensed.

In either case, the homeowner is not compelled to pay anything to an unlicensed contractor. The intent of the law is to ensure contractors comply with the law.

Licensing is important because construction can be very technical and costly and there are several public safety concerns.


It really costs less to hire a Licensed Business…

When you hire a legitimate business, remember they pay for Accounting, Advertising, Bond, Licensing, Insurances (Health, Liability, Vehicular, Workman’s Comp, etc.), Licensing, Office, Phones, and Wages, plus Federal, State & Payroll Taxes.

Remember, the savings will be realized in the assurance of financial accountability through the Licensing Agencies, both State and Local. Peace of mind knowing there is protection through Insurance and a Bond that is on record should things really get ugly.

So when there is a warranty or guarantee involved, it is usually legitimate.

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