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What Is ScamZam

ScamZam was formed by a Licensed Specialty Contractor who worked for years to build a business focused on honesty, integrity and high quality services. It took years to successfully grow, maintain and retain a loyal customer base. It took sacrifices to hire, train and retain conscientious employees.

On many occasions the business had to go behind unlicensed contractors and correct work that was not only done improperly, but often left the consumer in a dangerous, sometimes deadly situation.

The customer had to pay again to correct the same work that had been paid for only weeks or months before.

Hopefully, you can see why Licensing is required by the State. It requires that the person advertising and performing the specialty work is a legitimate, knowledgeable and qualified person. It also helps to ensure that the general public is not being put at unlimited risk and completely vulnerable to being ripped off.

ScamZam has teamed up with other specialty contractors who refuse to compete with unlawful individuals. They are frustrated by the lack of State law enforcement in this area of consumer fraud.

Business owners understand the costs involved in operating a legitimate company. Advertising, customer relations and satisfaction, competitive pricing, payroll (and payroll taxes), insurance (health, liability, vehicular, workman comp) licenses, permits, surety bonds, telephones.

When a company drives up to a customer’s home or business with a fully lettered or logo vehicle, they are subject to a city, county or state agency stopping by to check legal credentials and business licenses.

Unlicensed companies are in unlettered, no logo trucks, and not subject to these random license checks.

Why should a legal business have to compete with a person who advertises to do the same work, but doesn’t have a legal right to do that same work?

ScamZam staff actively searches local online classified ads every day for Electrical, Heating / Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Roofing services being offered.

They know what is required by the City, County or State to legally provide these specialty services for a residence or business. They also know how to spot the suspicious ads from an unlicensed person.

We refuse to compete with these scammers who, whether they realize it or not, will end up ripping off the consumer.

We use multiple resources to identify these advertisers for you.

  1. We make a phone call or send an email with a formal request for License information.
  2. We retain the inquiry letter in our database.
  3. We allow 24-48 Hours for a response.
  4. If there is no reply, we contact the appropriate State board and inquire using the information we have.
  5. If the advertiser provides legitimate information we remove them from our list.

If they can’t be verified as a legitimate business, they end up on the ScamZam list.

We actively file complaints with State and Local authorities and lead efforts to stop fraudulent advertising. 

If you would like to access our database and check an online advertiser before it’s too late…

All you have to do is register.

Registration is free and will allow you to access our database and…

  1. see what ads we have inquired about
  2. whether they have responded or not
  3. what others may have posted (including their experience)
  4. post your own experience (if any).

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